Series Synopsis

If you've ever read your child the same book 500 times or watched the same movie over and over again, to their delight and your madness, then this book is for you!

Creative Staff

Creator: Bruce Brown
Writer: Bruce Brown
Penciler: Mike Barentine
Inker: Mike Barentine
Colorist: Rafel Hurtado
Editor: Sean Patrick O'Reilly


Jack & The Zombie Box [Graphic Novel]

ISBN: 9781926914015
Diamond Code: OCT108009
Jack is your typical 3 year old boy who has an imaginary friend named Uncle Bug. After messing up the kitchen, Jack's dad is given the task of distracting his son while his mom cleans up the mess. To occupy Jack, he plays a DVD of his childhood favorite cartoon. Jack becomes obsessed with the show and his obsession begins to drive his entire family crazy.