Arcana Newsletter May 2011

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Up first is an interview with Arcana owner and EIC, Sean O’Reilly, and Vice President of Operations, Mark Poulton. They discuss their popular Kade series, their success in the indie market, and the projects (comic and film) currently under wraps.

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Book of the Month: Harry Walton: Henchman For Hire GN

Harry Walton, a disenfranchised ex-super-hero sidekick, finds himself having to work with every B-List schmuck in town to work up the ranks of the “Henchman’s Union” towards his ultimate goal: Super-Villain status. Smarter than most of the bosses he works for, Harry is stuck as a second banana once again. But when an opportunity to take revenge against his old Super-Hero partner arises, “Henchman for Hire” Harry Walton takes an initiative and launches a plan that catches the eyes of Super-Villains everywhere!

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In Previews

This month in Previews, for items shipping in May, Arcana will be publishing Blam GN (MAY11 0814), Killing Machine GN (MAY11 0815), Kord & Harley GN (MAY11 0816), and Mwumba GN (MAY11 0817).

Shipping This Month

This May Arcana is offering Breakdown TP (MAR11 0850), Defex TP (MAR11 0851), Dead Cell GN (MAR11 0852), Frozen Wasteland GN (MAR11 0853), Last Ninja GN (MAR11 0854), and League of Super Evil GN (MAR11 0855).

Interview with John Barker

This month, Arcana’s Vice President of Operations, Mark Poulton interviews writer John Barker about his upcoming Arcana graphic novel, Dead Cell, as well as his past career as a professional wrestler.

MP: John, what can you tell readers about Dead Cell?

JB: On the outside The Dead Cell is a story about a mental hospital where they do experiments on homeless patients with mental disease. Basically they introduce variables that allow them to explore the various diseases they encounter. The book also tells of Dr. Monica McCoy and her journey through these experiments and how they effect her mentally, then of course we throw a little of the supernatural, some twists and turns and we end up with and exploration into shadow self psychology and the philosophy of Merkabah. Depending on your understanding of people and psychology you could be reading several different stories with several completely different meanings. The book is also filled with some crazy twists and I think the ending will really drive the book home for fans.

MP: How did you come up with the idea for the story?

JB: Originally I was going to set it up as an anthology exploring aspects of my own battle with depression, and as the concept evolved and grew it became more centered and I was really able to delve into deeper the human psyche and what really makes people with various forms of mental disease tick.

MP: Were you a big comic book fan growing up? If so, what were some of your favorite comics?

JB: I actually have been collecting comics since I was given my first two comics at age 5. Growing up of course my favorite books were the normal favorites of kids like Batman and Superman. I had kind of given up on comic books around 14 ish when I stumbled upon The Sandman, which led me into other mature reader titles like Swamp Thing and Preacher. As far as superhero comics go I’m still a huge fan of Batman, Green Lantern and Punisher, and am really into The Unwritten and Sweet Tooth.

MP: Now Arcana fans might not know this, but I know prior to getting into the comic industry you were a professional wrestler wrestling the indie circuit. First, what was your wrestling name and second, what were some of your favorite memories of wrestling?

JB: Over the course of my career I had several names before getting out. I have a lot of crazy memories and was fortunate enough to meet a lot of people I used to idolize. I had a lot of great memories from wresting in the ECW arena and other countries to the countless hours I spent jammed into cars with my friends traveling all over the country.

MP: Do you see any parallels between the comic industry and wrestling industry?

JB: Not so far. The comic industry is much less dirty. So far everyone I’ve dealt with has been straight forward, as we are all trying to be as good as we possibly can be. Wrestling is much much shiftier.

MP: Before we go, would you like to tell the fans anything else?

JB: I’d like to ask you all to check out Scott DM Simmons. He’s done a lot of really cool stuff from drawing things for Lucas to inking the Hack/Slash – Halloween Man crossover in the vol 8 TBP, and he was an immeasurable help in teaching me some of the basic aspects on script writing and structuring sequential stories. He has a self published project called Knight of POWER and a lot of other things coming out. Also definitely stay tuned for my future projects. I have several scripts already complete that I’m really happy with. Keep up to date at

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