Arcana Newsletter for October 2010

Arcana Acquires Devil’s Due Titles

Helps Books Return to the Comic Market

Kade Los Angeles, CA – Arcana Studio, Inc., a transmedia entertainment company that has over 100 graphic novels it publishes, produces, and licenses for all forms of media, has acquired select titles from the Devil’s Due library. The list of titles includes:

Kore: A blundering college slacker releases evil from an ancient tomb.
Warstone: Only a long lost half-elf, half-human can stop a dark scorcerer from ruling the Earth.
Mercy Sparx: A devil girl is contracted by Heaven to hunt down rogue angels.
Misplaced: A powerful outcast from Utopia finds her new life on Earth.
Defex: Five student scientists discover hidden powers in human DNA.
Breakdown: A superhero becomes a deadly vigilante after the murder of his family.
Blade of Kumori: is the lone daughter of an old samurai but the family has changed their purpose to for-profit security and assassination.

Acquiring the Devil’s Due titles as well as others from various creators is just one of the signs that the company has been growing in leaps and bounds. Arcana’s schedule is on pace to publish 80 original graphic novels from January 2010 through June 2011, and the company’s prime directive continues to be developing intellectual properties for branded entertainment. Although still a young company, some of these projects have been developed for numerous mediums including movies and animation. Sean Patrick O’Reilly ([1] has written and/or produced numerous films based on Arcana comics including Paradox, Circle of Pain, Beatdown, and
the upcoming Clockwork Girl.

Arcana’s graphic novels and intellectual properties have grown in the last two years to be as wide a library of characters as Marvel’s. Marvel was acquired by Disney for $4 Billion, and is the second major comic library to be acquired by a Hollywood studio. DC Comics, which is owned by Warner Bros., recently announced a newly-revamped business model, focusing on reaching deeper into
DC’s catalog of characters.

“There are a number of Hollywood companies trying to be comic book publishers, but so few are actually publishing. We’ve continually published at least three books every single month since 2004, and it’s a track record that I’m very proud of… publishing printed books in a digital age is not easy but we’ve found through hard work and passion, it is possible to establish the necessary
distribution for the project and to grow our readership. The acquisition of the Devil’s Due intellectual properties is a fantastic opportunity to continue to grow our library, our characters and to develop new branded storyworlds while helping DDP to generate revenue going to its creditors in difficult times,” said O’Reilly. “We will be working directly with Josh Blaylock, the creator of these properties, who brings a great creative style to the Aftermath line-up as well as the other properties and we know this is going to lead to amazing opportunities. We are thrilled to be working with him on this project. ”

“I’m grateful not only that Sean is keeping me involved, but that he’s also helping the company,” added Blaylock. “Furthermore, it will breathe new life into a series of characters that otherwise would have gone dormant.”

Arcana Studio Inc. remains an independent of major entertainment studio affiliation. Arcana Studio is developing Gearhead with producer Gale Anne Hurd (“The Terminator”, “The Walking Dead”) and producing The Clockwork Girl with Deboragh Gabler (“A Dangerous Man”). Also in development is Raise Kane with Hans Rodionoff (“Lost Boys: The Tribe”), Gauze with Scott Milam (“Mother’s Day”), and Trout with Ben Magid (“Hack/Slash”).

About Arcana Studios, Inc.

Arcana is a transmedia company that has aggressively pursued establishing brands through engaging storytelling and compelling art. With a strong foothold in the print publishing world, Arcana continues to be a premier content provider. Working in websites, comics and graphic novels, video games, short-form animation and live action shorts, toys and merchandise, as well as feature length films, Arcana focuses on a transmedia approach to the scaffolding process of developing brands and intellectual properties.

Contact: Tyler Nicol
Vice President of Marketing
(310) 928-1441

Major Spoilers Podcast Covers Koni Waves: The Perfect Wave

Major Spoilers, the website created by Stephen Schleicher, is dedicated to bringing news, reviews, and interviews about the comic book industry to fans around the world. On October 12th, they will dedicate their podcast to reviewing the 240 page Koni Waves: The Perfect Wave collection. The podcast is available through direct download, iTunes, RSS Feed, and Podcast Alley.

For more information, please visit their website at:

Koni Waves: The Perfect Wave

Koni Waves introduces private detective Koni Kanawai, an ex-cop in Honolulu, Hawaii who worked her way through college as a dancer at the Apanapana Ballroom. When a drinking problem gets her booted from the force, Koni starts her own detective agency. With the aid of Pete – her surf buddy, Krystal – a colleague from her dancing days, and Huko – the owner of her favorite watering hole, Koni soon discovers a sereies of supernatural events that leads her to discover a dark side of her island not seen in the usual tourist spots.

Buy the book now:

In Previews

In Previews, for items shipping in November, Arcana will be publishing Arcana Team-Up TP (SEP10 0770), Olive Peril GN (SEP10 0771), Poe & Phillips GN (SEP10 0772), Shadowflame GN (SEP10 0773), and Stranger Danger GN (SEP10 0775).

Shipping This Month

Arcana has the following releases for the month of September: Dandelion GN (JUL10 0756), Hope Virus GN (JUL10 0757), Penance TP (JUL10 0758), Yin Yang GN (JUL10 0759), Redball 6 GN Vol. 1 (JUL10 0760), and Zedura Magazine #2 (JUL10 0761).

Interview with Ryan Colucci

This month, we preview an upcoming interview from Zedura Magazine with Harbor Moon mastermind, Ryan Colucci.

Z: You have a background in film, what made you switch gears and write a graphic novel?

RC: I have had a love of comics longer than I have had a love for movies. I was raised on them. I grew up wanting to draw comics, but athletics sort of got in the way of that – in that I went to school to play lacrosse… then somewhere in my teens I lost sight of that dream. Mostly because my drawing ability is okay, but nowhere near the quality of the guys out there today. Then, when Dikran and I were writing the script for HARBOR MOON – I knew from the start that we weren’t creating a movie script, but something that would play out better as a graphic novel. It was more liberating that way. We could do whatever we wanted because we didn’t then have to sell it to a studio executive or agent, etc… We just had to please ourselves. I think some writers/creators are creating graphic novels/comics in the hopes it becomes a movie. That was never our intention. Once the book was going, it was a graphic novel – never a means to an end. The one sticking point was actually making the book. Since I had no idea how to produce a comic, I had to just say “screw it” and dive in
headfirst. But I had just produced a movie, so I figured it was something I could handle. It was a labor of love – and there were definitely some bumps along the way – but I think it paid off because we accomplished our goal – creating a book we love.

Z: How would you describe your GN Harbor Moon?

RC: As a Clint Eastwood western from the 70′s, early 80′s. That was always what we were setting out to recreate. It just so happens to have werewolves. For the full interview, be sure to check out Zedura Magazine’s October issue!

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