Arcana Newsletter for March 2010

Arcana Announces Killing Machine!

Arcana is proud to announce the upcoming graphic novel, Killing Machine, by screenwriter Scott Milam that is currently in production.

Killing Machine tells the tale of Franklyn J Hurt, an undercover agent for the Global Crime Task Force sent to infiltrate the criminal organization only known as The Syndicate Six. When his cover is blown, his wife taken and daughter murdered before his eyes, Frank wakes up barely a man, a torso with an unrecognizable face, hanging in a warehouse and used as an example fro those who betray The Syndicate Six. However, Frank is rescued by Special Forces and given the bionic treatment. After rejecting his new duties, Frank siezes an opportunity to escape and track down the killers who destroyed his life.

Creator Scott Milam is the screenwriter of the upcoming Mother’s Day, directed by Saw 2-4 and Repo The Genetic Opera’s Darren Lynn Bousman. In addition, he is currently adapting Dark Horse’s The Secret for Universal. Milam brought the idea to producer Daniel Alter, who produced 20th Century Fox’s Hitman, as well as the upcoming Johnny Quest and Hack/Slash films. Alter had the idea to bring the project to Arcana where they have teamed up with newcomer Kenneth Loh on art duties.

Arcana Owner and CEO, Sean O’Reilly said, “Working with Scott has been incredible and it’s simply fascinating to see what his mind comes up with…”

Arcana Releases 60 Graphic Novels in 52 Weeks!

Arcana Arcana is taking 2010 by storm with the release of 60 graphic novels in 52 weeks!

Leading the charge is Arcana’s flagship title, Kade, which will have all four of its past series released in tpb form for the first time. This includes Kade: Original Sun, Sun of Perdition, Shiva’s Sun, Rising Sun, and the brand new Red Sun. In addition, the cult hit Koni Waves will be collected in one huge volume entitled the Perfect Wave. This monster book will serve as a director’s cut to the series including over 30 pages of new scenes, as well as an all-new ending!

Other titles include 3, Arcana Team-up, Dead Men Decimation, Grunts: War Stories, and many more.

Miracle In Stores

Arcana is happy to announce Miracle by aclaimed writer, David Black is now available.

Miracle tells the tale of Martin Foley, a cynical cop working in New York. But when Foley arrives at the East Harlem social club to investigate a murder, he finds no shooter, no victime… There are blood stains on the floor and thirty witnesses, who all agree on what happened: The killer shot the victim six times in the chest at point blank range and ran. A stranger stepped out of the crowd, put his hands on the dead man’s face and the dead man came back to life.

David Black is a professional writer whose credits include Law & Order, CSI: Miami, Sidney Lumet’s 100 Centre Street, and author of The Extinction Event.

A Cat Named Haiku

A Cat Named Haiku Haiku is a form of Japanese poetry. Haiku is also a mischievous little cat. A Cat Named Haiku tells the engaging story of a day in the life of Haiku, a feline who puts the “cat” in catastrophe. Follow his misadventures as he learns a valuable lesson about friendship told completely in haiku. Whimsically written by Mark Poulton and beautifully illustrated by Dexter Weeks, this is sure to appeal to the child or car lover in your home!

Buy the book now:

In Previews

In Previews, for items shipping in June, Arcana will present an all-Kade month. Kade Original Sun TP (MAR10 0697) and Kade Shivas Sun TP (MAR10 0698) will be released. If you haven’t read Kade before this is the perfect opportunity to jump on board!

Shipping This Month

March roars in like a lion for Arcana as we see the release of Anywhere #5 (JAN10 0718), Don Bluth’s Space Ace TP (JAN10 0719), Grunts War Stories TP (JAN10 0720), and Paradox GN (JAN10 0721) .

Interview with Mark Poulton

This month, Arcana’s Vice President of Operations, Mark Poulton takes questions about his latest project, A Cat Named Haiku from Chrissy, the Arcana intern.

C: Mark, A Cat Named Haiku is quite the departure from what we’ve come to expect from you with Koni Waves?

MP: That was the main appeal for doing this. Working on Koni Waves is great, but Dex (Dexter Weeks from Koni Waves) and I really wanted to do something that woudl appeal to all ages. Dex is a father of two and I’m expecting my first child in May. My wife also works in a classroom and Koni isn’t something for the little ones. Plus, diversity is the key to remaining creative.

C: How did you come up with the idea for the story?

MP: Dex and I had wanted to work together on a children’s book for a long time. It was just the matter of finding the right idea for the book. Dex’s family has 2 cats and my family has 3 so writing a book about a cat seemed a natural. Once I came up with the cat’s name, Haiku, the book seemed to write itself.

C: Was it hard writing a book entirely in haiku?

MP: It was a challenge I enjoyed. The hardest aspect of it was trying to tell a story. Haikus by nature are very whimsical and to not only tell a story, but teach a lesson about friendship was frustrating at times. But I thought it was a very unique idea and I stuck with it and ended up having a blast working on it. Afterwards, I found myself stuck writing and thinking in 5-7-5 syllable pattern.

C: Will we see more of Haiku?

MP: Definitely! Dex and I have already talked about a sequel, Christmas Haiku. We need to finish up some work on Koni Waves and we have another children’s book in the works as well. Eventually though, we’ll get back to more of Haiku’s adventures. We’ve really caught the children’s book bug and want to do more.

C: Before we go, is there anything else you would like to say to fans?

MP: First, I’d just like to thank everyone for all of the great feedback and comments on A Cat Named Haiku. Dex and I will be promoting it all summer long at the conventions. Besides the book, we’ll have Haiku cat hats and bags for sale. And second, be on the lookout for Koni Konfidential, the 2nd wave of Koni Waves!

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