Arcana’s October 2014 Newsletter

Hello and a happy October to all of you great Newsletter subscribers. We hope you all have a fun, spooky and safe Halloween!  

Arcana’s Title of the month:

This month, to celebrate Halloween and everything spooky we wanted to bring the Arcana title Gauze to your attention.


A dark series of events that revolve around an elusive serial killer and the victims he preys on. 

With each new tale comes a new perspective. Each seen through the eyes of those caught within the killer’s wake. These individuals must all face the unruly cards life has dealt them and make the choices so many of us shutter to defy. 

Who will live… Who will die… and who will prevail in the end?


Rated: R

Genre: Horror

Price: $14.95

ISBN: 978-0-9809204-8-2

DCD: SEP083721

Arcana Store


Arcana’s Character of the month:

Koni Kanawai is a private detective who specializes in supernatural cases in her home of Hawaii. She worked her way through college dancing at the Apanapana Ballroom. After college, she entered the police academy and eventually became a member of the Honolulu Police Department. A drinking problem would eventually lead her to get booted from the force and starting her own detective service.

Real Name: Koni Kanawai

Aliases: Koni Waves

Occupation: Private Detective

Citizenship: US

Place of Birth: Honolulu, Hawaii

Known Relatives: father; Chief Detective Kanawai, Boyfriend; Pete

Group Affiliation: former member of the Honolulu Police Department

Education: University of Hawaii

Where to find Koni: Koni Waves The Perfect Wave, Koni Konfidential, Arcana Team Up,10th Muse Volume 4.

Arcana’s video of the month!

This cute little guy is Avner, the video (linked above) is the short story of this curious little guy exploring the ocean. Arcanamation is currently in the pre-production stages of creating the Avner animated feature, and Arcana will be publishing the graphic novel next year (2015).

The Trouble with Pixies: 

The trouble with Pixies is that they always steal our coffee!

Send us a picture of your Pixie causing trouble to be featured in our “Trouble with Pixies” section.

Arcana’s random find of the month!

That’s right! Elvis VS Cthulhu! When we came across this cover online we HAD to share it with everyone.

In case you can’t read the synopsis on the back of the cover here it is:

When an ancient, slumbering menace awakens, and begins to wreak havoc on the Earth, who can save all of humankind? The King of Rock ‘N Roll can! Armed with his trusty chainsaw, Elvis slaughters his way through the ranks of otherworldly horrors to confront the creeping chaos known as Cthulhu!

Arcana’s Upcoming Titles:

We have some exciting titles coming up that we wanted to let you know about!

Howard Lovecraft and the Three Kingdoms

Thanks to some amazing backers and support, we are pleased to announce Howard Lovecraft and the Three Kingdoms will be on store shelves very soon!


Howard Lovecraft and the Three Kingdoms:

Hidden away from the world is a dangerous book filled with forbidden knowledge. For ages, the mere possession of the book has driven men to madness. On Christmas Eve the unthinkable happens; the book is placed  in the hands of a child. Unaware of its danger, Howard Lovecraft opens the books and speaks aloud its forbidden knowledge. Join Howard Lovecraft and his elder god companion Spot as they enter three kingdoms of terrifying creatures and monstrous villains all seeking to gain possession of Howard’s book.

Rated: PG

Genre: Fantasy

Price: $29.95

ISBN: 978-1-77135-216-1

DCD: JUN140798

Arcana Store

Review quote:

I LOVED reading this series – the voice was perfect for younger readers and adults alike. It’s a great introduction to Lovecraft, with just enough mythos to whet appetites and get them ready for the madness later on. The art is a wonderful accompaniment to the story, with just enough dark humor and exaggerated expression to communicate the look and feel of a Lovecraft tale to kids.

 - Rosemary Kiladitis, What’cha Readin



Mastema – Amazon, Arcana store and digital only

Sins Of The Mother

Mastema was once a holy knight before his soul was tainted by the essence of the demon Fenris. Mastema’s painful origin resurfaces to haunt both him and the witch who destroyed his life. As the demon Fenris hunts him down, Mastema is forced to align himself with his most hated enemy, Luedke, in order to survive. Meanwhile, a mysterious holy assassin is taking the offensive against Fenris. Will his faith pit him against Mastema and Luedke as well?

A Devil’s Mercy

Something unspeakable has happened at the temple to the God of Mercy. Unable to fix the situation from within, the clergy call upon the services of the infernal mercenary, Mastema. What terrible circumstances would force the hands of the holy to employ a half-demon warrior? The horrible truth of what happened is enough to turn even Mastema’s stomach.

Rated: 15+

Genre: Fantasy

Price: $14.95

ISBN: 978-1-77135-219-2

Review quote:

Raw, mysterious, and fast-paced, Mastema hits the ground running in a nightmare world full of tortured souls and unrepentant evil. … A perfect blend of dark fantasy and visceral horror for a tale simple in its premise yet powerful in the telling. 

 - James Chambers, Three Chords of Chaos and The Engines of Sacrifice.

Arcana Trivia:

Did you know the Arcana anthology Velvet Rope contained 2 short stories that would later become full length graphic novels also published by Arcana?

Carry me Softly – Howard Lovecraft and the Frozen Kingdom

Daddy’s Little Girl – Daddy’s Little Girl

Arcana Joke:

Q: Where did Ezra want to have her Birthday party?

A: The ar-Kade!

Arcana Contest:

Send us your best caption for this panel from The Hope Virus. The winning caption will be featured in next months newsletter and the winner will receive a downloadable pdf of The Hope Virus graphic novel. Send your entries to






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