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Arcana February 2014 Newsletter

Wednesday, February 19th, 2014


VANCOUVER (February 19th, 2014) – Hello to all of our newsletter subcribers and Arcana Fans! We are hoping you are having a great 2014 so far! We wanted to let everyone know the awesome stuff that is happening and what is coming this year from Arcana 

First of all, we want to announce that 2014 marks our 10th year as a publisher and a company. We are very proud at how far we have come in these 10 years producing over 250 graphic novels! Starting off with just a single issue of Kade, Arcana now owns the largest library of characters, comics and graphic novels in Canada, and one of the largest libraries in the world!

Also in our 10th year, Arcana just opened Arcanamation. Arcanamation is an animation studio already with two projects under our belts. Kagagi, our first animated television series, will air thirteen 22-minute episodes on APTN starting this fall. Our team will then move onto the animated feature film Pixies, both titles based on the Arcana graphic novels. Kagagi, created by Jay Odjick, also has a special guest appearances by The Intrinsic. All belonging under the Arcanaverse, numberous characters can make a cameo from The Intrinsic, and Kagagi, including Kade, Kore, Philosopher Rex, Candice Crow, just to name a few.

A lot of our accomplishments couldn’t have happened without your support, so to start off this newsletter we want to send a big THANK YOU to all of you who have supported and are supporting us, we couldn’t have gotten this far without you.

Continuing to celebrate our tenth year, we have a contest for Arcana Fan Art. We are accepting Arcana Fan Art and Pinups with one winner’s artwork appearing in an issue of The Intrinsic Volume 2. We are also running an image sharing contest where winners receive a special Kade package! Both are still running so feel free to check our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages for more information, and to enter.

Coming up this year we have lots of exciting new titles for you, including:

Howard Lovecraft and The Kingdom of Madness

The third chapter in the all-ages graphic novel series (Howard Lovecraft and The Frozen Kingdom and Howard Lovecraft and The Undersea Kingdom are the first two and still available). HLKM hits shelves this month!

Darkham Vale

The wildly successful series by Jack Lawrence has been collected and Volume 1 is coming out May and Volume 2 in July of this year.

The Intrinsic: Singularity Zero

From Arcana creator, Sean Patrick O’Reilly and Chris ‘Doc’ Wyatt (Napoleon Dynamite) comes The Intrinsic: Singularity Zero! This is the second volume in The Intrinsic and has characters from the entire Arcanaverse throughout. We are excited to announce The Intrinsic: Singularity Zero will feature cover artwork by legendary artist, Alex Ross!


From Roddenberry Entertainment (the name that brought you Star Trek®)and Arcana Studios comes Worth. The story of a super-human whose abilty is rendered obsolete by the evolution of society’s technology. Worth will be on store shelves everywhere April 2nd of this year. – Retailers – Every order through Diamond (FEB140917) enters you to win a vintage Star Trek® poster signed by William Shatner.

Kade: Tribal Sun & Children of the Black Sun

Of course, it’s not only Arcana’s 10th anniversary this year, but it’s also Kade’s anniversary as well! So to celebrate we are bringing Kade fans two new books this year! Look out for Kade: Tribal Sun in April and Kade: Children Of The Black Sun in August.

Arcana is proud to be (for the 10th year in a row) a retailer at San Diego Comic Con this year. You can find us at our regular booth, location 2415 – under the lare Kade banner, by Alex Ross. As most years, we will have dozens of creator signings, lots of exclusives and a possible celebrity or two (past years including Gene Simmons (KISS), Bill Paxton (Titanic, Alients), and Tony Lee (Dr. Who)). 

Arcana, again, will have a large booth at Vancouver Fan Expo, so stop by and say hello this April! Also, Arcana creators are always appearing at conventons and events around the world so keep your eyes and ears open for any other events where you can pick up some signed copies of Arcana’s award wining titles. 


Arcana owns one of the world’s largest libraries of graphic novels and comics, with over 250 intellectual properties, hundreds of graphic novels and a treasure trove of thousands of characters. Arcana’s high quality branded entertainment is filled with characters and stories that trancscend gender, age, cultural and geographic boundaries.

Arcanamation is an animation studio producion the episodic television series Kagagi: The Raven and Pixies. Taking a transmedia approach to brand building and intellectual properties, Arcana’s stories can live succesfully on a traditional and new media platforms.

For inquiries, interview requests, any questions on our upcoming titles, review copies or any other questions, please contact:

Emma Waddell

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