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Arcana August 2013 Newsletter – SDCC RECAP

Monday, August 12th, 2013






VANCOUVER (August 5th, 2013) - Hello to all of our newsletter subscribers and Arcana fans! We at Arcana hope you are having a great August so far. We wanted to let you guys know about all the awesome stuff that went on at booth 2415, the Arcana booth, this year at San Diego Comic Con.


This year we had lots of great debuts, releases and exclusives.


Arcana SDCC debuts included; the print debut of Seven Holes For Air (Bill Paxton and Mick Reinman) and the print debut of The Gloom (Tony Lee)!


Arcana SDCC releases included; Head Smash (Now available in stores and online), Steam Engines of Oz #2 EJ Su variant cover edition, and An Arcana Cryptozoological.



We had lots of great guests and creators signing at the Arcana booth this year, including;



Doc Wyatt, and Bill Rude, Creators of Creepsville. As well as, Daryl Freimark and David Parkin, the creators of The Devil Is Due In Dreary.



One of our special guests this year was the very talented Bill Paxton, to promote, for the first time in print, Seven Holes For Air. Here he is being interviewed. 



Bill Paxton discusses Seven Holes For Air on MTV.



Bill Paxton and Mick Reinman hang out before their interview with Entertainment Weekly. 



Bill Paxton and Mick Reinman talk with Entertainment Weekly on Seven Holes For Air.




Head Smash was another big signing at the Arcana booth this year with Vlad Yudin, of The Vladar Company, Tim Bradstreet and Joe Perez.



For the first time in print, Arcana and MTV Comics present The Gloom, by Tony Lee. 



Tony Lee (Creator of The Gloom) and Sean  Dulaney (Creator of 51 Delta) signing at the Arcana booth!



Not only did we sell comics and Graphic Novels this year, we had lots of great merchandise at the Arcana booth. Pictured below are cool Head Smash and Tin Man’s Army T-Shirts we were selling.  Also, single issues of The Steam Engines of Oz, and special edition steampunk goggles. 


We want to thank all of the customers and patrons that stopped by the Arcana booth this year.


We also want to thank all of our creators that did signings this year that we haven’t already mentioned.


Edgar Delgado (Ultraduck), Scott Kinney (Kozmik), Erik Hendrix (Steam Engines of Oz, Sideshows), Shawn DePasquale (Space, MN), Pedro Delgado (Ralph Filmore, Ultraduck), Sabir Pirzada (Affliction), Alex Schumacher (The Unemployment Adventures of Aqualung), Tom Akel (Anywhere), John Barker (The Dead Cell), M. Zachary Sherman (Harry Walton: Henchman For Hire), Dan Taylor (Hero Happy Hour), Scott Milam (Killing Machine), Matthew Adams (Kord & Harley), Mario Gully (Langley High, Ant), B. Alex Thompson (Amour, Lethal Instinct), Shannon Eric Denton (Grunts, Markus Fang), Brandon Easton (Shadowlaw), Justin Robinson (Nieves), Monty Borror (Spirit Window), Mike Dubisch (An Arcana Cryptozoological).


And a special thank you to Osokwe T. Vasquez and Cody Vaughan of ReimagineFilms for all the great pictures!


Hope all of you attending vendors, professionals and attendees had a great time and have recovered from SDCC 2013, and we will see you all at SDCC 2014!




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