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Arcana’s March 2013 Newsletter

Thursday, March 21st, 2013

VANCOUVER (March 21, 2013)Arcana Comics welcomes you to another month in the world of Arcana Comics. We’re over the moon right now with some of the crazy things we’re up to, and wanted to be sure you’re “in the know”, so you can pre-order and run to your local comic shops and online retailers (quicken your step or quicken your typing) to track down copies. So… let’s get started, shall we? Be sure to keep reading to get some updates on the upcoming, record breaking, STEAM ENGINES OF OZ, debuting this FCBD!


In case you missed it, Simmons Comics Anthology Volume 1 is out now… Oh wait? If you look, it may actually be hitting some stores in ONE WEEK! So, if you haven’t already seen it on the shelves, check your local comic shops on March 27th, because I bet a TON of them will be getting copies! What will you get in there? Well, Simmons Comics Anthology features the first chapters of Zipper, Dominatrix, Gene Simmons House of Horrors, AND the first chapter in an all new mini – Zipper Vs Dominatrix: The Slave Trade, written by Erik Hendrix (Deadly Harvest, Evil Tree, Intrinsic, The Steam Engines of Oz) with art from Yannis Roumboulias (Deadly Harvest, The Steam Engines of Oz). The art is gorgeous and the story is fast-paced and fun.


TITLE: Simmons Comics Anthology Vol 1
ISBN: 978-1-77135-066-2
PRICE: $19.95


Should you LOVE the first volume of Simmons Comics Anthology, well, the second volume is available for pre-order NOW! Featuring the second chapters of Zipper, Dominatrix, Gene Simmons House of Horrors, AND the second chapter of Zipper Vs Dominatrix: The Slave Trade.


TITLE: Simmons Comics Anthology Vol 2
ISBN: 978-1-77135-068-6
PRICE: $19.95
DESCRIPTION: Arcana Comics and Simmons Comics Group are proud to present this special anthology, featuring the second chapters of Zipper, Dominatrix, and Gene Simmons House of Horrors, as well as the second chapter of the first ever crossover between Zipper and Dominatrix, The Slave Trade.


What else is available for pre-order now, though? Well, let me tell you!

TITLE: 10th Muse Vol 1: The Image Run Part 1
ISBN: 978-1-927424-72-8
PRICE: $14.95
DESCRIPTION: This critically acclaimed series, written by famed Marvel/DC writer Marv Wolfman, takes Greek mythology to a new level. Greek mythology has documented the nine Muses, the inspirational daughters of the almighty Zeus. But history forgot one– the Tenth Muse. Emma, Brett, and Dawn were the best of friends– until Emma disappeared, leaving only a note saying goodbye. Now, eight years later, Emma is back, without answers. What happened to Emma? What is her connection with Grayson Bishop and, most of all, how did ordinary Emma Sonnet become the mysterious TENTH MUSE? Introducing The Tenth Muse, a new kind of super-hero saga unlike anything you’ve ever seen before. A mystery. An action series. A character-driven saga that will bring you to the edge of your seat. See if you can unravel the mystery of The 10th Muse.



TITLE: Punch Drunk
ISBN: 978-1-77135-043-3
PRICE: $12.95
DESCRIPTION: Morningside, Illinois, 1947. The charred remains of a young couple are discovered in the ashes of a tragic house fire. The insurance company, which stands to lose a fortune, suspects foul play, but, despite all their resources, are unable to prove it. As a last resort, down on his luck private eye Mick Browning is dispatched to Morningside. He has only twenty-two hours to bust the case before payment is due on the life insurance policies. This already difficult task takes a turn for the worse when he stumbles into a small town’s underworld of corrupt cops, secret gambling dens, and ruthless criminals.


TITLE: The Domain
ISBN: 978-1-927424-76-6
PRICE: $9.95
DESCRIPTION: Welcome to The Domain. A place where public domain superheroes and villains spend their time relaxing with a hot cup of coffee. Of course, now retired, they spend their time telling stories of heroism (or villainy) of the past.




Do you think that’s it? Not hardly!!!! How about FREE COMIC BOOK DAY? Did you know that this year we’re unleashing The Steam Engines of Oz on the masses? Oh yeah! On May 4th, 2013, you can get the full first chapter of The Steam Engines of Oz FREE from your local comic book shop. Don’t know where a store is that’s participating? Easy, head over to FREECOMICBOOKDAY.COM to see who’s participating, and even see samples of the books coming out that day, including The Steam Engines of Oz.


TITLE: The Steam Engines of Oz FCBD
DESCRIPTION: Get a special sneak-peek at the upcoming re-imagining of Oz through a SteamPunk lens! Find out what happens 100 years after the witch is dead. In an Oz ruled by a once revered hero, salvation comes from the unlikely wrench of Victoria Wright, who dares to question the status quo and sparks a rebellion. This FCBD edition will give you an exciting extended preview of the upcoming graphic novel and a look at what else Arcana’s SteamPunk Originals line has in store for readers!


Stay tuned for more information about The Steam Engines of Oz and Free Comic Book Day, too… We will be making some special appearances at a few shops, so you can meet the creative team in person and potentially some other SteamPunk excitement!


And there’s more, too… The Steam Engines of Oz does NOT end with FCBD… There’s an all new Issue 1 coming out in June, a month after FCBD, that will show you what happens next. What beloved favorites will Victoria meet and what new and wonderful characters will be introduced? Be sure to ask your local comic shop to pre-order!!!


TITLE: The Steam Engines of Oz Issue 1
ISBN: 978-1-77135-164-5
PRICE: $3.99
DESCRIPTION: Straight from the pages of our FCBD Preview, The Steam Engines of Oz has arrived! Find out how the Emerald City has transformed in the last 100 years as Victoria Wright and her friends plot their escape only to fall into the clutches of a terrifying threat. This re-imagining of Oz through a SteamPunk lens is a must read for fans of Oz, SteamPunk, an exciting story, and fantastic art.