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Arcana Newsletter November 2010

Tuesday, November 30th, 2010

The Clockwork Girl – The Comic Book Comes To Life!

Vancouver, British Columbia – Luximation Films Producers, Deboragh Gabler and Sean O’Reilly, are excited to announce their animation production of “The Clockwork Girl” is underway. It is the first of a string of animated films based on graphic novels published by Arcana Studios in 2007.

“The Clockwork Girl” is a coming of age story of Tesla, a robot girl, Huxley, a monster boy, who embark on a journey to save their world from destruction.

Under the creative eye of director Kevin Hanna, “The Clockwork Girl” comes alive with Alexa Vega (“Spy Kids”), as the voice of Tesla, Jesse McCartney (“Alvin and the Chipmunks,” “Horton Hears a Who”) as Huxley, Carrie-Anne Moss (“Matrix,” “Chocolate”) as Admiral Wells, Brad Garrett (Everybody Loves Raymond) as T-Bolt and Jeffrey Tambour (Arrested Development) as Wilhelm. Their adventure will surely give audiences a trip of a lifetime.

Luximation Films Inc. was created by uniting two different mediums – Sean O’Reilly’s graphic novel and Deboragh Gabler’s film production – into one creative vision. Together they are excited to embark on a unique journey with “The Clockwork Girl.”

Sean O’Reilly found Arcana Studios and has established great relationships with Diamond Distributors, printers, retailers, readers, creators, William Morris and many production partners. Arcana Comics has over 100 original graphic novels in its library that have reached sales of over 1,000,000 units. Arcana is found in fifteen different countries and translated into seven languages across the globe. Winning the Shuster Award for Top Publisher, the Moonbeam Award for Top Children’s Graphic Novel and BIV’s Top 40 Under 40 Award are just a few of the accolades that Arcana has achieved.

Deboragh Gabler founded Legacy Filmworks Ltd. in 1996 to develop quality films for the international marketplace. Since then, the Vancouver-based production company has earned several prestigious awards, including four Emmys, a George F. Peabody award and numerous film festival awards. Other recent releases by Legacy Filmworks include “A Dangerous Man,” starring Steven Segal and “The Legend of the Dancing Ninja,” starring David Hasselhoff and Lucas Grabel.

League of Super Evil Comes To Arcana

The hit animated series, League of Super Evil, comes to Arcana in the League Of Super Evil Comics Special! Armed with a whole new approach to badness, The League of Super Evil (L.O.S.E.) follows four super villians who have set their sights on nothing less than total neighbourhood domination! These four may think they’re bad to the core, but with no budget, no skills, and not a heck of a lot of brain power, evil is the last thing they really are!

Features two stories: Swimming with Sharks – a battle to keep the neighbourhood kid away from the inflatable pool, and One Zillion – The Great Voltar’s quest to accumulate the most TV channels EVER!

L.O.S.E. can be seen on Cartoon Network and YTV. This book is appropriate for kids, but great for adults too!

Diamond Code: NOV10 0714
ISBN: 9781926914121
64 Pages, Full Color

Arcana Donates to the Comic Book Connection Initiative

Arcana Studio is proud to participate in the Comic Book Connection Initiative donating thousands of comics to the program with provides books to children ages 4 to 14, as well as our troops overseas.

The Comic Book Connection Initiative is an Ohio-based charity that donates comics to kids at local homeless shelters, food pantries, hospitals, and after-school programs for economically depressed areas.

Started by Fate Spears, a lifelong fan of the comic book medium, it was clear to her that so much enjoyment can be had between the covers of almost any comic book. It is also clear that her hobby can help many children. While it is easy to point out the benefits of literacy with using the comic book as a template, they can also provide sources for inspiration from the heroic deeds detailed in the book.

If you would like to participate in the Comic Book Connection Initiative, please send your comic book donations to:

Comic Book Connection Initiative
c/o Comic Town
1249 Morse Rd.
Columbus, OH 43229

Erik Hendrix Named Arcana Vice President of Promotions

Arcana is pleased to announce the hiring of Erik Hendrix as the Vice President of Promotions. Erik got his start in comics participating int he Small Press Idol competition in 2009. He ran through the guantlet, picking up some of the tricks industry pros use to get themselves out there – not just quality books, but self-promotion, visibility, and tenacity. By the end of the competition, which he won with his book Faction, Erik had several books running through submissions circuit and, by the end of the year, had three books slated for release from Arcan, couple of books read to self publish, and a solid group of industry friends. In 2010, while working on SP! Nexus Magazine as Editor in Chief and as a judge in Small Press Idol 2010, he was approached to help out with and later take on the Editor in Chief role of Zedura Magazine. Several issues later and heading towards and into 2011, Erik has several trades being released by Arcana Comics, the reigns of Zedura, and the drive to do more to help make Arcana a success.

On the position, Erik Hendrix said, “I’m very excited to delve further into the world of Arcana and help the current and next generation of creators get their books out there and seen by the masses. After meeting up with Sean and Mark in person at SDCC this year, I couldn’t imagine a better group to associate myself with. Their drive to succeed, excitement for the industry, and plans for 2011 and beyond tell me I’m hopping in at just the right time!”

Wonderdog, Inc.

Ryan Robertson’s summer plans are put on hold when he discovers he’ll be staying at his grandfather’s farm while his parents travel to Europe. Just as he grows accustomed to life without Internet, he and his grandfather are traveling to Bolivia in search of the Fountain of Youth. On the way he learns the truth about his family and the secrets of… Wonderdog, Inc.

Buy the book now:

In Previews

This month in Previews, for items shipping January, Arcana will be publishing 51 Delta GN (NOV10 0709), Shadowflame: Curse of the Cortes Stone #1 (NOV10 0710), Frozen Wasteland GN (NOV10 0711), Hexen Hammers GN (NOV10 0712), Hyper Actives (NOV10 0713), League of Super Evil GN (NOV10 0714), and Pixies HC (NOV10 0715).

Shipping This Month

This November Arcana has the comics you give thanks for wants with the release of Arcana Team Up TP (SEP10 0770), Olive Peril GN (SEP10 0771), Poe & Phillips GN (SEP10 0772), Shadowflame GN (SEP10 0773), and Stranger Danger GN (SEP10 0775).

Interview with Erik Hendrix

This month, Arcana sits down with the new man behind promotions at Arcana and Zedura Editor-In-Chief, Erik Hendrix.

A: First off, congratulations on the new position. How did you get your start with Arcana?

EH: It all started with a little horror book called the Evil Tree… I was researching publishers to find the right home for some of the projects I was working on. As I was emailing around, I ended up asking Mark Poulton, the VP of Operations, various questions about the publisher and really liked what he had to say, how responsive he was in general, and the direction Arcana was going. I loved the fact that Arcana was actively looking for ideas that were a little different and felt that some of my ideas fit perfectly there… As I discussed things further with Mark and Sean, I came to realize that quite a few of my ideas really belonged with the publisher.

A: How do you find the time for all of your projects?

EH: Time management and basically squeezing every minute out that I can working on one project or another. With some things, I’ve been spending the last two years writing scripts, so it’s just a matter of waiting for artists to catch up to me. With other things, it’s just forcing in the time, sacrificing things in the name of art… mainly sleep. It all comes down to the passion behind the ideas, though… If I have something burning a hole in my head, I have to get it out, or I won’t be doing much sleeping anyway. Sometimes, though, sleep is just what I need to help me come up with new ideas. Bottom line, though, it’s fun, I’m passionate about it, it’s work, and I know the end game – getting the books out there to entertain the masses.

A: What’s the key to good promotion?

EH: Good promotion is basically whatever you need to do to make your book visible to your target audience. There is no one size fits all audience out there, everyone has different tastes, so it’s a matter of finding the people who like what you’re doing and getting your book in front of them so they can pick it up. Conventions, signings at stores, podcasts, online promoting, and lots of other little things.

A: There’s a rumor your starting a “bootcamp” for Arcana creators. What should they expect?

EH: After meeting up with some other great Arcana creators at both San Diego Comic Con and Long Beach Comic Con, I realized that there are a lot of things some of us can learn from each other. The hope with the “bootcamp” idea is to give all of the Arcana creators tools to help find their target audience and cultivate them. It’s not going to be lessons on how to survive with little or no sleep; that’s simple – caffeine and, if you can handle it in copious amounts, sugar.

A: What do you have in store for Arcana fans this upcoming year?

EH: Well, I’m currently working on four projects under the Arcana banner, but knowing me, that could double in the next few months. The four are all OGN’s… The Evil Tree, a horror story of love and loss through the generations and the lengths a group of friends will go to save each other. The Insomniac: Justice Never Sleeps is the story of a detective who can’t sleep. SideShows is a period piece about former SideShow attractions in the 1950′s. Blank Slate is a cat and mouse thriller… I know, I’m not giving many details, but as the books get closer to release, I’ll share more, of course.