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Arcana Newsletter for Halloween 2010

Thursday, October 28th, 2010

Celebrate Halloween With Arcana

Attention ghouls and boys, Arcana is delivering some spooktacular treats for this year’s Halloween!

From A Cat Named Haiku to Zombie Warriors, Arcana has something for everyone. If horror is your thing, may we suggest American Wasteland? Truck driver Cletus McCoy battles a vampire apocalypse on his way home to rescue his Mama. Or how about the dark, mystery known as Gauze? A dark series of events that revolve around those connected to the mysterious serial killer who wraps his head in
medical gauze. If you like your horror a little lighter, bring home some tiki goodness with Koni Waves: The Perfect Wave! Koni Kanawai, an ex-cop in Honolulu, Hawaii, encounters a series of supernatural events that leads her to discover a dark side of her island not seen in the usual tourist spots. Also, relive the days of classic horror cinema with the beautiful usher from beyond the grave, Velvet Rope! Velvet delivers a series of horror shorts in this new collection that will make a killing at the box office!

For the little ones, how about Howard and the Frozen Kingdom? After visiting his father in Arkham Zanitarium, young Howard Lovecraft ignores his father’s warning and uses the legendary Necronomicon to open a portal to a strange frozen world filled with horrifying creatures and grave danger! Or if pets are your thing, check out Arcana’s resident litte devil, the mischevious A Cat
Named Haiku! Haiku is a form of Japanese poetry. Haiku is also a little cat who can’t seem to stay out of trouble. A Cat Named Haiku tells the story of the day in the life of a mischevious little cat.

Arcana Named One of BC’s Top Exporters!

Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters (CME) have selected Arcana Studio one of BC’s Top 25 exporters by the BC Export Awards.

In its 28th year, the BC Export Awards, Canada’s longest-running export award program, honors BC’s Top 25 exporters for leading the charge in bringing BC and Canada’s expertise to world markets. These awards are vital to increasing public awareness of the importance of exporting and global trade to our provincial economy, our collective future and our standard of living.

Arcana’s outstanding contributions to the international markets will be featured in n upcoming issue of 20/20 Magazine, as part of the BC Export Awards Gala taking place November 19th, 2010.

For more information, please visit:

John Byrne Covers Shadowflame

Shadowflame Industry legend, John Byrne, is lending his artistic talents to the wraparound cover of the new Shadowflame tradepaperback (Diamond Code: SEP10 0773) out this November.

John Byrne rose to fame in the late 70s’ with his lwork with Chris Claremont on the Uncanny X-men. His run would last over 3 years and include the creation of fan favorite character, Kitty Pryde. His 6 year run on the Fantastic Four is considered by many to be a “2nd Golden Age.” In 1986, Byrne helped DC revitalize the Superman franchise with The Man Of Steel series. In the 90s, he launched the popular creator-owned series, John Byrne’s Next Men. He continues to be a presence in the industry with his work on popular licensed properties Angel and Star Trek. Arcana is proud to have him provide the cover for the new Shadowflame collection.

Shadowflame tells the story of officer Tom Wyatt. After his wife, Janice, is murdered he tried to find solace in his own grief and despair. He attempted to end his own life. Instead he found himself transported to a ship orbitting the Earth. The aliens aboard explained that he could not kill himself for he was the last of a chosen line. A family line which possessed the perfect genetic impirint to receive the “gift of power” and become a third holy man of Isht. So after hearing the story of Isht and his family, Tom agreed to take the power. In a painful ceremony he was endowed with powers that set him apart from other men. He was now a superman, capable of vast feats of strength, flight,
telekinetic force bolts, and all the rewards of being a holy man. This gave him not only great powers, but a reason to live. The tradepaperback collects for the first time all four issues of the series which was originally released in 2007.

For more information, please visit: or if you want to see more about Shadowflame you can visit his fan page on Facebook: htpp://!/pages/Shadowflame/119600607608

Enter the Canadian Legion Contest

Canadian Legion Before Melissa Maple became an Intelligence Specialist for the CSIS, she was a teenage pop star! Ever since gaining the ability to control people with her voice, she has become a serious professional. But what if she decided to wear a costume? What if she had become a superhero before spending ten years with the RCMP?

In the style of classic fashion design contests of years past, Arcana Studio and The Canadian Legion want you to design Melissa’s make believe costume! Lucky winners will receive posters, signed comics, and publication of your artwork in a letter’s page of the Canadian Legion comic! The contest runs from October 1st to December 31st, 2010. Winners will be announced on January 14th, 2011.

For complete contest rules, please visit:

Scrooge and Santa GN Scrooge and Santa

“Whoever said money can’t buy happiness didn’t have as much as me!” These are the first words spoken by Scrooge in “Scrooge and Santa” the innovative new graphic novel coming December 2010 from Arcana Comics.

Written by Matthew Wilson (Cartoon Networks’s “Krypto the Superdog” and Disney Channel’s “Brandy and Mr. Whiskers”) and illustrated by Josh Kenfield (Barenaked Ladies Storyboard Artist), “Scrooge and Santa” is a revisionist take on the classic Christmas Carol tale.

The idea for the book started when writer Matthew Wilson was home with his family watching Christmas movies. He started to wonder what would happen if ideas from “A Christmas Carol,” “It’s a Wonderful Life,” “Miracle on 34th St.” and other Christmas classics were all rolled into one package. What would happen if a rich Scrooge had to become poor like George Bailey and could only save himself if he saved Santa Claus? The ultimate Christmas story was born!

It’s never to early to start your Christmas shopping so be sure to order this comedic adventure story for Christmas fans of all ages. In stores December 2010!

Buy the book now:

Ghoul of the Month: Philospher Rex

This Halloween we would like to honor, Dr. Ishmael Stone, Philospher, detective, monster-hunter, primes inter pares of a shadowy network of supernatural guardians sworn to shelter the world from the Infernal Orders as our ghoul of the month! Check out the book Aint It Cool News calls, “Part
Doctor Strange, part Ghost Hunters, part Scooby Doo, Philospher Rex is both fun and scary all at once.”

In Previews

In Previews, for items shipping in December, Arcana will be publishing Anywhere TP (OCT10 0758), Chaotic Soldiers GN (OCT10 0759), Dead Men Tell No Tales Vol. 2 GN (OCT10 0760), Opera Manga GN (OCT10 0761), Pixies #1 (OCT10 0762), Scrooge and Santa GN (OCT10 0763), and Unimaginable GN (OCT10 0764).

Shipping This Month

Arcana has the following treats for the month of October: 3 GN (AUG10 0756), Candice Crow GN (AUG10 0757), Velvet Rope TP (AUG10 0758), and Wonderdog Inc GN (AUG10 0759).

Interview with Joe Martino

This month, Arcana’s Vice President of Operations, Mark Poulton sits down with Shadowflame creator, Joe Martino!

MP: How would you describe Shadowflame for those unfamiliar with the series?

JM: Shadowflame is a reluctant hero. He was at the end of his rope a month after his wife was murdered due to his ambition. He didn’t chose this role of protector of an entire planet, but he accepts it and it gives him a reason to live. I think all of us have a little hero in us. Sometimes it takes a traumatic event to make us rise above our day to day doldrums and be the person we need to be. Shadowflame is that story. A man that was so down that nothing could make him get up, until he realized he was Earth’s only hope. I think that Shadowflame is like those old Fantastic Four type cosmic stories. We see his origin, have a few heroes meet him, throw a few cool villians in and then BAM! here comes Galactus ready to lay waste to the planet.

MP: How did you come up with idea for the book?

JM: I created Shadowflame when I was 15 years old. At first he was just a character that I created because I wanted to show a man getting engulfed by invisible fire and see his flesh boil. I know, that is a little intense for a 15 year old. He has changed a great deal since then. I was a big DC and Marvel
fan. People have said to me that Shadowflame reminds then of a Marvel hero in a DC world. I take that as a compliment. Shadowflame is definitely a throwback to the heroes I enjoyed as a kid. Late 70′s to 80′s. But with today’s production quality. But again, I just wanted to tell stories like I used to read. Fun and cosmic, yet they make you care about the man behind the mask. He evolved from
different moments in my life and 8 or so years later I decided to make my own comics. I released the original black and white mini-series in 1996 through my own company JGM Comics and issue 4 was picked up by CFD Productions. In 2001 or so, I decided (with the help of Peter Palmiotti) that I wanted to pull a George Lucas and re-envision a few things and redraw parts that I didn’t like in
color. That turned out to be the 4 issue mini-series that Arcana released in 2007 and what is wrapped up in this trade. There is also a title page by Mike Grell and chapter breaks by Andie Tong, Bob Layton, Rudy Nebres, and Paul Ryan.
MP: The new tpb collection features a wraparound cover by John Byrne. What is it lke having such a comic legend draw your character?

JM: My God. Let me tell you. Even after looking at this cover for 2 years (the original is on my wall) I can’t get enough of it. When I was younger, and even today, there wasn’t a John Byrne comic that I didn’t read. I bought everything he did. Even if it was only on the cover. So you can imagine the humbling experience that I had when he said he would do it. I have literally had a dream come true. I mean, this is the guy who inspired me to pick up a pencil, and now he created this amazing piece of art that wraps up my work. Amazing. Truly amazing.

MP: Did John have any feedback on the character?

JM: Well, he’s done 2 commissions of Shadowflame and a full wraparound for the trade. So, I guess he likes the look of the character. But, he didn’t give me a verbal or written confirmation of that.

MP: Are there any new adventures in store for Shadowflame?

JM: Yes. Shadowflame is involved in a few crossovers that will be around in the coming two years. One is the Curse of the Cortes Stone which will be released through Arcana. It is our crossover into the War of the Independents and it stars Shadowflame, the Wraith, and Johnny Saturn. I am also working with the same creative team to put together a Shadowflame/Wraith crossover that is
firmly based in my “JGM Universe” and ties into the Graphic Novel. Shadowflame is a labor of love for me. I have many stories rolling around in my noggin that are just waiting to be developed.

MP: Before we go, would you like to tell us about your upcoming Arcana book, Ripperman?

JM: Compared to Shadowflame, Ripperman is the other end of the spectrum. He is definitelyan anti-hero of sorts. He was created by God and the Devil to rid the world of those who would have otherwise escaped their deserved ends. When I was young there were a few things in my life that made me doubt a lot of what I believed. Ripperman is the realization that the world needs a
killer of killers. A punisher of people who would prey on the weak or down-trodden. The original graphic novel is huge. It has over 130 pages of story. It shows a man who is torn between being good, or giving in to his base instincts to be evil. He was truly born of both demon and angel and he is
constantly at odds with this paradox. So, there is always an internal struggle. But Ripperman is also resentful of both his “parent’s” who he thinks are both petty and use him to get back at each other. It helped bring to light a lot of feelings that I personally was having and I found myself relating to
this character. But then again, I am the writer.

Arcana Newsletter for October 2010

Thursday, October 28th, 2010

Arcana Acquires Devil’s Due Titles

Helps Books Return to the Comic Market

Kade Los Angeles, CA – Arcana Studio, Inc., a transmedia entertainment company that has over 100 graphic novels it publishes, produces, and licenses for all forms of media, has acquired select titles from the Devil’s Due library. The list of titles includes:

Kore: A blundering college slacker releases evil from an ancient tomb.
Warstone: Only a long lost half-elf, half-human can stop a dark scorcerer from ruling the Earth.
Mercy Sparx: A devil girl is contracted by Heaven to hunt down rogue angels.
Misplaced: A powerful outcast from Utopia finds her new life on Earth.
Defex: Five student scientists discover hidden powers in human DNA.
Breakdown: A superhero becomes a deadly vigilante after the murder of his family.
Blade of Kumori: is the lone daughter of an old samurai but the family has changed their purpose to for-profit security and assassination.

Acquiring the Devil’s Due titles as well as others from various creators is just one of the signs that the company has been growing in leaps and bounds. Arcana’s schedule is on pace to publish 80 original graphic novels from January 2010 through June 2011, and the company’s prime directive continues to be developing intellectual properties for branded entertainment. Although still a young company, some of these projects have been developed for numerous mediums including movies and animation. Sean Patrick O’Reilly ([1] has written and/or produced numerous films based on Arcana comics including Paradox, Circle of Pain, Beatdown, and
the upcoming Clockwork Girl.

Arcana’s graphic novels and intellectual properties have grown in the last two years to be as wide a library of characters as Marvel’s. Marvel was acquired by Disney for $4 Billion, and is the second major comic library to be acquired by a Hollywood studio. DC Comics, which is owned by Warner Bros., recently announced a newly-revamped business model, focusing on reaching deeper into
DC’s catalog of characters.

“There are a number of Hollywood companies trying to be comic book publishers, but so few are actually publishing. We’ve continually published at least three books every single month since 2004, and it’s a track record that I’m very proud of… publishing printed books in a digital age is not easy but we’ve found through hard work and passion, it is possible to establish the necessary
distribution for the project and to grow our readership. The acquisition of the Devil’s Due intellectual properties is a fantastic opportunity to continue to grow our library, our characters and to develop new branded storyworlds while helping DDP to generate revenue going to its creditors in difficult times,” said O’Reilly. “We will be working directly with Josh Blaylock, the creator of these properties, who brings a great creative style to the Aftermath line-up as well as the other properties and we know this is going to lead to amazing opportunities. We are thrilled to be working with him on this project. ”

“I’m grateful not only that Sean is keeping me involved, but that he’s also helping the company,” added Blaylock. “Furthermore, it will breathe new life into a series of characters that otherwise would have gone dormant.”

Arcana Studio Inc. remains an independent of major entertainment studio affiliation. Arcana Studio is developing Gearhead with producer Gale Anne Hurd (“The Terminator”, “The Walking Dead”) and producing The Clockwork Girl with Deboragh Gabler (“A Dangerous Man”). Also in development is Raise Kane with Hans Rodionoff (“Lost Boys: The Tribe”), Gauze with Scott Milam (“Mother’s Day”), and Trout with Ben Magid (“Hack/Slash”).

About Arcana Studios, Inc.

Arcana is a transmedia company that has aggressively pursued establishing brands through engaging storytelling and compelling art. With a strong foothold in the print publishing world, Arcana continues to be a premier content provider. Working in websites, comics and graphic novels, video games, short-form animation and live action shorts, toys and merchandise, as well as feature length films, Arcana focuses on a transmedia approach to the scaffolding process of developing brands and intellectual properties.

Contact: Tyler Nicol
Vice President of Marketing
(310) 928-1441

Major Spoilers Podcast Covers Koni Waves: The Perfect Wave

Major Spoilers, the website created by Stephen Schleicher, is dedicated to bringing news, reviews, and interviews about the comic book industry to fans around the world. On October 12th, they will dedicate their podcast to reviewing the 240 page Koni Waves: The Perfect Wave collection. The podcast is available through direct download, iTunes, RSS Feed, and Podcast Alley.

For more information, please visit their website at:

Koni Waves: The Perfect Wave

Koni Waves introduces private detective Koni Kanawai, an ex-cop in Honolulu, Hawaii who worked her way through college as a dancer at the Apanapana Ballroom. When a drinking problem gets her booted from the force, Koni starts her own detective agency. With the aid of Pete – her surf buddy, Krystal – a colleague from her dancing days, and Huko – the owner of her favorite watering hole, Koni soon discovers a sereies of supernatural events that leads her to discover a dark side of her island not seen in the usual tourist spots.

Buy the book now:

In Previews

In Previews, for items shipping in November, Arcana will be publishing Arcana Team-Up TP (SEP10 0770), Olive Peril GN (SEP10 0771), Poe & Phillips GN (SEP10 0772), Shadowflame GN (SEP10 0773), and Stranger Danger GN (SEP10 0775).

Shipping This Month

Arcana has the following releases for the month of September: Dandelion GN (JUL10 0756), Hope Virus GN (JUL10 0757), Penance TP (JUL10 0758), Yin Yang GN (JUL10 0759), Redball 6 GN Vol. 1 (JUL10 0760), and Zedura Magazine #2 (JUL10 0761).

Interview with Ryan Colucci

This month, we preview an upcoming interview from Zedura Magazine with Harbor Moon mastermind, Ryan Colucci.

Z: You have a background in film, what made you switch gears and write a graphic novel?

RC: I have had a love of comics longer than I have had a love for movies. I was raised on them. I grew up wanting to draw comics, but athletics sort of got in the way of that – in that I went to school to play lacrosse… then somewhere in my teens I lost sight of that dream. Mostly because my drawing ability is okay, but nowhere near the quality of the guys out there today. Then, when Dikran and I were writing the script for HARBOR MOON – I knew from the start that we weren’t creating a movie script, but something that would play out better as a graphic novel. It was more liberating that way. We could do whatever we wanted because we didn’t then have to sell it to a studio executive or agent, etc… We just had to please ourselves. I think some writers/creators are creating graphic novels/comics in the hopes it becomes a movie. That was never our intention. Once the book was going, it was a graphic novel – never a means to an end. The one sticking point was actually making the book. Since I had no idea how to produce a comic, I had to just say “screw it” and dive in
headfirst. But I had just produced a movie, so I figured it was something I could handle. It was a labor of love – and there were definitely some bumps along the way – but I think it paid off because we accomplished our goal – creating a book we love.

Z: How would you describe your GN Harbor Moon?

RC: As a Clint Eastwood western from the 70′s, early 80′s. That was always what we were setting out to recreate. It just so happens to have werewolves. For the full interview, be sure to check out Zedura Magazine’s October issue!

Arcana Newsletter SDCC Edition 2010

Sunday, October 24th, 2010

Stan Lee Headlines Arcana’s SDCC Plans!

Arcana Studio (Booth #2415) is proud to announce the legendary Stan Lee will be signing copies of Arcana’s new pop culture magazine Zedura at this year’s San Diego Comic Con!     Stan Lee will be on hand to premiere the new documentary from 1821 Pictures, “With Great Power: The Stan Lee Story.” After the screening, 5 lucky fans will get the opportunity to meet Stan in a private meet and greet and get a signed copy of the new Zedura Magazine featuring Stan on the cover, as well as be invited to the exclusive Zedura Magazine/Stan Lee party. Also, actress Malese Jow from The Vampire Diaries will join Koni Waves writer/co-creator, Mark Poulton for a signing at the Arcana booth (#2415) to promote the upcoming Koni Konfidential. In addition, WWE Divas, the Bella Twins, will appear at the booth, as well as Thomas Jane! Be sure to stop by to meet all of your favorite Arcana creators including screenwriter Scott Milam who is debuting his new graphic novel, Killing Machine!   Clockwork Girl creator, Sean O’Reilly and Kevin Hanna will be on hand to host a panel on Thursday July 22nd from 11am to noon in Room 9 where they will premiere new footage from their upcoming animated film. Convention exclusives will include Preview Editions of upcoming Arcana graphic novels, A Cat Named Haiku tote bags, Koni Konfidential skateboards, and a line of new Arcana t-shirts!   The San Diego Comic Con runs from July 22nd to the 25th. For more information, please visit:

Premiering At SDCC

Arcana unveils several new books at this year’s San Diego Comic Con including the 240 page Koni Waves: The Perfect Wave hardcover, The Hope Virus GN, Redball 6 GN, Philospher Rex GN, Penance TPB, and Demonslayer TPB. In addition, for the first time all 5 volumes of Kade will be available in TPB!   Also, Arcana will offer preview editions of their hottest upcoming releases like Killing Machine, Koni Konfidential, Spotlight!

Signing Times

This year Arcana has all of your favorite creators appearing at their booth (# 2415)! Be sure to stop by to meet creators, get sketches, and for a chance to win great prizes! Also, comic legend Chris Claremont will appear to sign copies of Arcana’s new Zedura Magazine! Times subject to change.

Thursday: 10am to 11:30am Ezra: Alfonso Ruiz 11am to Noon Zedura: Chris Claremont Noon to 2pm Banshee & Straw: Mike Kalvoda 2:30pm to 3:30pm Zombie Warrior: Robert Kruckemeyer & Harry Walton: Henchman For Hire: Zachary Sherman & Matt Hebb 3pm to 4pm Zedura: Thomas Jane 4pm to 5pm El Arsenal: Salvador Vasquez 5:30pm to 7pm Penance: Sean Wise & Paul Gilligan & Harbor Moon: Ryan Colucci

Friday: 10am to 11:30am Scrooge and Santa: Matt Wilson & Josh Kerfield & Penance: Sean Wise & Paul Gilligan Noon to 2pm Killing Machine: Scott Milam & Kenneth Loh & Divine Intervention: Frank Barbiere 2:30pm to 3:30pm El Arsenal: Salvador Vasquez 4pm to 5pm Loosely Based: Nikola Jajic & Michael Czernaiwski 5:30pm to 7pm Spotlight: Jim Hanna, Marat Mychaels, & Mark Poulton & Zombie Warrior: Robert Kruckemeyer

Saturday: 10am to 11:30am Harbor Moon: Ryan Colucci & Divine Intervention: Frank Barbiere Noon to 2pm Koni Konfidential: Mark Poulton, Stephen Sistilli, Dexter Weeks, & Malese Jow 2:30pm to 3:30pm Penance: Sean Wise & Paul Gilligan & Wonderdog, Inc.: Scott Zirkel 5:30pm to 7pm Harry Walton: Henchman For Hire: Zachary Sherman & Matt Hebb & Redball 6 & Philsopher Rex: Ian & Jason Mille

 Sunday: 10am to 11:30am Penance: Sean Wise & Paul Gilligan & Zedura: Matt Kindt Noon to 2pm A Cat Named Haiku: Mark Poulton & Velvet Rope: Rachel Lee Taylor 2:30pm to 3:30pm The Evil Tree: Erik Hendrix