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Arcana June 2010 Newsletter

Thursday, July 1st, 2010

Stan Lee Headlines Arcana’s SDCC Plans!

Arcana Comics is proud to announce the legendary Stan Lee will be signing copies of Arcana’s new pop culture magazine Zedura at this year’s San Diego Comic Con!

Stan Lee will be on hand to premiere the new documentary from 1821 Pictures, “With Great Power: The Stan Lee Story.” After the screening, 5 lucky fans will get the opportunity to meet Stan in a private meet and greet and get a signed copy of the new Zedura Magazine featuring Stan on the cover, as well as be invited to the exclusive Zedura Magazine/Stan Lee party. Also, actress Malese Jow from The Vampire Diaries will join Koni Waves writer/co-creator, Mark Poulton for a signing at the Arcana booth (#2415) to promote the upcoming Koni Konfidential. In addition, WWE Divas, the Bella Twins, will appear at the booth, as well as all of your favorite Arcana creators including screenwriter Scott Milam to debut his new graphic novel, Killing Machine!

Clockwork Girl creators, Sean O’Reilly and Kevin Hanna will be on hand to host a panel and premiere new footage from their upcoming animated film. Convention exclusives will include Preview Editions of upcoming Arcana graphic novels, A Cat Named Haiku tote bags, Koni Konfidential skateboards, and a line of new Arcana t-shirts!

The San Diego Comic Con runs from July 22nd to the 25th. For more information, please visit:

Arcana Studio Presents 2010

This year’s Arcana Studio Presents is the homecoming for Mario Gully’s Ant. Witness a preview of this new series, as well as previews of the next installment of Kade, Red Sun, and the all-new graphic novel, Hope’s Virus all in this specially priced 50 cent issue! Kade: Red Sun and Hope’s Virus artist, Owen Gieni provides a stunning cover!

Buy the book now:

In Previews

This month in Previews, for items shipping in August, Arcana will be publishing Abiding Perdition GN (JUN10 0740), Koni Waves: The Perfect Wave GN (JUN10 0741), Loosely Based GN (JUN10 0742), Philsopher Rex GN (JUN10 0743), And Ripped GN (JUN10 0744) .

Shipping This Month

This June beat the Summer heat with these Arcana new releases: El Arsenal TP Vol. 1 (APR10 0725), Ezra: Evoked Emotions TP (APR10 0726), Ezra: Egyptian Exchange TP (APR10 0727), Kade: Red Sun TP APR10 0728), and Kade: Rising Sun TP (APR10 0729).

Interview with Steven Prouse

This month, Arcana will preview an interview conducted by Zedura Magazine EIC, Erik Hendrix with Coin Operated Boy creator, Steven Prouse. For the full interview, be on the lookout for the first issue of Zedura!

EH: Let’s start at the beginning… What was the first comic you ever read and how did it influence you?

SP: I was actually introduced to comics characters at a very young age through my childhood babysitter – the television. However, I really became a comics reader with Batman #455. That was the beginning of the story arc where Batman fought Scarecrow ending with Tim Drake officially the new Robin. Having known of the characters for years in their television format, this story arc really showed me how very much alive and dynamic these characters still were and it really made me want to explore comics more.

EH: When did you get into creating comics? What was the catalyst?

SP: I was 9 when I created my first comic.Notebook paper and black, blue and red ballpoint pens and I had twin sons of a dead planet. Superstar (a five pointed star with a red cape) and Badstar (a five pointed star with blue cape), battling for the fate of Earth.

I filled a note pad with their adventures. Nothing amazing, but the creation of those stories really took me to places far away from real life – which is exactly what I needed at the time.

In high school I found a muse of a friend who also loved creating comics. We bounced ideas off one another and developed great worlds of fantasy and shared them with others. While those worlds are forever filed in the back of my head, they really helped me develop my love for telling stories.

To read the rest of the interview, be on the lookout for the first issue of Zedura Magazine coming soon from Arcana!