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Arcana Newsletter March 2009

Monday, March 30th, 2009

Arcana Moves on Coma, Grunts, and Ripped!

Arcana Comics is proud to announce that Coma, Grunts, and Ripped have entered a production development agreement with Romark Films.

Romark Films was founded by filmmakers, Mark Jonathan Stanley and Rock Shaink. Shaink, who is currently working on a remake of the 80s’ cult classic, “The Hidden,” is attached to all three projects as the screenwriter with Arcana’s CEO, Sean O’Reilly, set to produce. Romark is currently in production on the the new comedy series “Weed Shop” as well as in prep for the feature films “Reversal” and the graphic novel adaptation “I Am Spartacus”.

Grunts, created by Keith Giffen and Shannon Eric Denton, tells the tale of of an American WW2 squad, who encounter a German superhuman assault squad and starts a Eugenics Race that carries into present day. Ripped, created by Jay Busbee and Jason Flowers, is the story of a college dropout who must stop the end of mankind when he learns he has the ability to travel through time. Meanwhile, Coma is an upcoming project from Arcana Comics created by Rock Shaink which he’ll be developing as a motion picture at the same time.

Clockwork Girl Teams Up With!

Clockwork Girl, the hit series from Arcana, is teaming up with for a new line of e-cards. In addition, users will have the opportunity to make their very own Clockwork Girl online stories. Created by Planetwide Media, MashOn is an interactive suite of online tools which allows users to create and share their own digital stories, e-cards, comic books and graphic novels by combining their personal photos, music, videos and narration to create their own unique personalized story.

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2009 Harvey Awards

Dear professionals, for your consideration Arcana Comics would like to remind you of the following titles when looking at this year’s Harvey Awards:

Best Graphic Album Original – Koni Waves: Ghouls Gone Wild!

Best Graphic Album Previously Published – Clockwork Girl Hardcover

Best Online Comic – The Matriarch

Best Cover Artist – Stephen Sistilli (Koni Waves, Velvet Rope)

Best Continuing or Limited Series: Camilla d’Errico’s Burn

Best New Series – Corrective Measures

Best New Talent – Grant Chastain (Corrective Measures)

Best Anthology – Velvet Rope

For more information on the Harvey Awards and the official 2009 nomination
ballot, please visit:

Kade: Rising Sun #1

On the hunt for the demons that plague our earth, and his soul, has been his only objective and it has led him to the Land of the Rising Sun. He senses there’s a demon, an oni, that he must banish… but there’s another person he senses… Is it the return of Ezra? Is it the beautiful assassin Shi? Who is this mysterious woman? Shi creator, Billy Tucci lends his artististic talents to the cover of Kade: Rising Sun #1 joining the list of super star artists like Mike Grell, Greg Horn, Humberto Ramos, and Ben Templesmith who have all left their print on the gothic demon hunter.

Kade: Rising Sun #1 is available this month. Written by Kade creator, Sean O’Reilly, with Jay Busbee and illustrated by CDuce this is the fourth series in the ongoing adventures of Arcana’s flagship title.

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In Previews


Last month in Previews, for items shipping April, Arcana will be publishing the Banzai Girls Manga TP (FEB094042) and Kade Rising Sun #3 (of 4) (FEB094043). This month, Arcana offers the following for a May release: Matriarch TP (MAR094065).

Shipping This Month

This March Arcana roars in like a lion with the release of Greatest American Hero #2 (NOV083769) and Kade: Rising Sun #1 (OCT083824) .

Interview with Bruce Brown

This month, Arcana’s Vice President of Operations, Mark Poulton interviews Bruce Brown, writer of the upcoming Arcana books, Howard Lovecraft and the Frozen Kingdom and Jack and the Zombie Box.

MP: Bruce, you have two upcoming Arcana titles in the works: Howard Lovecraft and the Frozen Kingdom and Jack and the Zombie Box. What can you tell us about them?

BB: Howard Lovecraft & The Frozen Kingdom

After visiting his father in Butler Sanitarium, young Howard Lovecraft ignores his father’s warning and uses the legendary Necronomicon to open a portal to a strange frozen world filled with horrifying creatures and grave danger!

Howard Lovecraft is a twisted, little all ages tale that should thrill Lovecraft fans and if you are not a fan of Lovecraft and just enjoy a dark tale, this is the book for you!

Jack and the Zombie Box

Jack is your typical 3 year old boy who has an imaginary friend named Uncle Bug. After messing up the kitchen, Jack’s dad is given the task of distracting his son while his mom cleans up the mess. To occupy Jack, he plays a DVD of his childhood favorite cartoon. Jack becomes obsessed with the show and his obsession begins to drive his entire family crazy. Basically, Jack is partially based on a true story. My four year old became obsessed with Scooby Doo.

At first I thought it was cool, but five zillion episodes later I thought I was going to lose my mind.

If you have kids, you know what I am talking about! Ha!

MP: How did you get into writing comics?

BB: I had always loved this genre since I can remember. Like most fans, you think to yourself, wouldn’t it be cool if…

Well, one day I had an idea for a story and thought, I can do this. So, I did a little research on comic writing and I got to work. Once I finished, I sent the script off to Marvel. Which, now I know how ridiculous that effort was. To my surprise, I heard back from them. While my script was severely lacking, they said they felt I had talent and should stick with it.

Unfortunately, I have no clue who wrote it. I couldn’t read the signature. But I stuck with it and never gave up on writing comics and it is finally starting to pay off.

MP: Since HP Lovecraft is the main character of one of your books, has Lovecraft’s work always been a favorite of yours?

BB: Actually, I never really read too much Lovecraft until recently. I was asked to co-write a script and it was Lovecraftian in nature. So, I took a crash course in Lovecraft and found out why he is considered the greatest horror writer in modern times. Honestly, it was the author himself who inspired my book.

HP Lovecraft suffered some very tragic events in his life and I was intrigued by what kind of effect that would have on him.

MP: In Jack and the Zombie Box, Jack is obsessed with a DVD of his father’s favorite childhood cartoon. Are there any cartoons you’re obsessed with?

BB: That’s a tough one because I love so many! When I was a kid, I loved Bugs Bunny. As I got older, I became a huge fan of Scooby Doo. Now, I love Brave and the Bold, anything with Batman or superheroes in it; but given what I do, that is not surprising. Ha!

Also, I would have to fess up to watching and enjoying the Little Einsteins. It’s a show for little kids that teaches them about art and classical music. How cool is that.

MP: What else are you working on?

BB: I actually have several irons in the fire right now. But foremost, I am finishing up a pirate horror story.I have done several all ages projects, so I am looking forward to branching into different genres.

I co-wrote a series with Dwight L MacPherson called Interagents that is on the Th3rd World site. I also have a webcomic on called The Porch that is coming up on having been read by 25,000 readers in the short time it has been out.

In the end, I am just trying to get as much work out there as possible and hope that people enjoy it and come back.

MP: Before we go, do you have any last words for fans?

BB: Just that I am truly excited about showing them Howard Lovecraft and Jack. First and foremost, I’m a comic reader. I love good stories and I know how disappointing it is to shell out money for weak ones. I hope people give my work a try and let me earn my way into the books they get at their shops.