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Arcana Comics Newsletter January 2009

Wednesday, January 21st, 2009

Arcana Goes Online with new series of Webcomics!

Arcana Comics is proud to announce a new line of webcomics ready to launch! Hosted on their website with the amazing PanelFlow technology, Arcana Webcomics will be updated anywhere from twice a month to three times per week by their respective creators. Arcana Comics’ Vice President of Operations, Mark Poulton said, “We’re very excited to begin this new chapter in Arcana’s evolution. Arcana has always been a progressive transmedia company that has pushed boundaries and now we are adding webcomics to our arsenal. Now, comic fans can still get their comic book fix with these brand new webcomics and in the process maybe discover some of the other titles Arcana offers!”

Six new titles compromise Arcana’s Webcomics launch. They are:

Title: Doc Monster’s Spuds Starring Shadowflame
Synopsis: Shadowflame has been transported into the world of Doc Monster’s Spuds. Hilarity ensues.
Web Team: Rob X. Roman and Joe Martino
Updated: Every 2 weeks

Title: Fafnir the Dragon in Barack To The Future
Synopsis: Mightier than a god, dumber than a rock. While searching for his stolen treasure, history’s greatest dragon is hurled into an apocalyptic future!
Web Team: Thormod Skald and Asta G
Updates: Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday

Title: Olive Peril
Synopsis: A young girl runs away from an imposed marriage into a strange new world where everything is strangely like a fairy-tale and gets swept up into a story that she never intended to be in.
Web Team: Laurel Shelley-Reuss
Updates: Every Monday and Friday

Title: Snakor’s Pizza
Synopsis: After his sinister snake-based society of snake-inspired terrorists fails to rule thw globe, Snakor must rely on his fallback career… work at a Pizza Place.
Web Team: Sean Jordan, Kody Peters, and Dave Howlett
Updates: Every Wednesday

Title: The Matriarch
Synopsis: Career woman. Single mother. Superhero. Sherry Benning knew having a baby would change her life. She didn’t know it would change the world.
Web Team: Robert Burke Richardson and Steven Yarbrough
Updates: Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday

Title: Zoo Dot Com
Synopsis: The City Zoo is having some financial difficulty. In order to cut costs, they’ve decided to employ the zoo inhabitants to create and maintain the zoo website.
Web Team: Matt McCray
Updates: Every Monday

Banzai Girl Manga TPB

This manga digest format Banzai Girl reveals the adventures of Jinky Coronado in black-and-white-with-graytones manga style. Popular manga artist/writer (and FHM Model!) Jinky Coronado brings her fancified life adventures to life in this 160-page saga. Watch Jinky reach her 18th birthday! See the amazing attack by tentacle monsters! See her parents and townspeople controlled by alien invaders! See all this and more as everyone’s favorite Asian schoolgirl, Jinky Coronado, brings her fabulously Filipino adventures from the drawing table to this manga digest!

Buy the book now:

In Previews

This month in Previews, for items shipping March, Arcana will be publishing the Greatest American Hero #3 (of 3) (JAN09 3978) and the Gwaii HC (JAN09 3979).

Shipping This Month

Arcana rings in the New Year with the following releases: Gauze TPB (NOV08 3768) and the
Greatest American Hero #2 (of 2) (NOV08 3769).

Interview with Heaven’s Echo’s Siike Donnelly

This month, Arcana’s Vice President of Operations, Mark Poulton interviews Heaven’s Echo writer/artist/creator, Siike Donnelly.

MP: Siike, what can you tell us about your upcoming Arcana comic, Heaven’s Echo?

Sadly, not much. Just that it truly is a dream come true to work on it. Imagine some of the cool stories and superhero battles you’d love to see in comics today. That is what will make up the Heaven’s Echo universe. I’ve always wanted to see Captain America fight Superman in a battle that will only allow one of them to walk away. Legal reasons prevent those other companies from crossing over like that and telling stories like that, but by creating our own world here, we can get fights like that as often as we want.

MP: What attracted you to bring this project to Arcana Comics?

SD: The guys behind the magic of Arcana Comics did. I met you Mark, nearly two years ago now at Comic Con ’06 in San Diego. From there we talked about short stories of mine and then I eventually met Sean O’Reilly. Luckily, Sean and I just clicked with one another the second we started talking. When I saw the passion he had for telling stories and building a new mythology, I knew this was certainly the guy to work with. Not to mention the fact the he actually came and offered it to me, which truly is the biggest honor in my world. Another attraction is certainly the challenge of creating something new for fans. We’ve all seen over dozens of “New Universes” that are usually hit or miss. As a writer, I love to be challenged, especially at this stage in my career.

MP: Who were some of your writing influences?

SD: Agatha Christie. I grew up with a very traditional way of telling stories. Her mystery books were always ones that kept my mind working, even after I had read the story. She was the first writer to show me how
powerful words can be. As far as other writers that influence me, I’m a huge Jeph Loeb fan. I love Ed Brubaker’s work. Allan Heinberg. Peter David. S.D. Perry. Stephen King. Christopher Moore. Warren Ellis. David Goyer. Geoff Johns. David Koepp. Shawn Ryan. Brian Augustyn and Humerto Ramos (I’m a HUGE Crimson fan). And I cannot forget, the amazing Judy Blume for her book “Are you there God? It’s me Margaret.”

MP: Do you get inspiration for your writing from other sources?

SD: I mainly get inspiration from music and actual people. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and his autobiography had a very profound impact on me as a young man. I wish I could have been around during that time. My
grandparents, my mother, and my brother are key players in the man I am today. I honestly would have given up writing years ago if it wasn’t for them. They are truly my muses. Sevendust. Tricky. Rolling Stones. INXS. Rob Zombie. Incubus. Linkin Park. Fort Minor. DMX. RZA. Graeme Revell. Harry Gregson-Williams. Frank Sinatra. These are all just a fraction of the musical talents that also inspire me and influence my writing. (laughs) Sorry, had to mention music. I’m one of those nerds too.

MP: Now you’ve also recently written a novel, Rhino. Was making the transition from writing novels to comics hard? What are some of the differences?

So far, the transition from novels to comics has not been hard at all. Rhino was actually written as a screenplay when I was seventeen years old. Over the years I’ve rewritten it so many times as a screenplay, I just decided to one day flesh it out even more. So the novel now reads very cinematically, which is how I think books should be written these days. With less people reading novels, I feel that my way of reaching the people that don’t read as much is to make it seem like it’s not just a book. As far as differences, the only major one is action beats. They have to snap well in a comic, even more so than in a novel. Also, in a novel you tend to be inside each character’s head a lot more, leaving less need for dialogue
some of the time, but in a comic, fans want to read great dialogue and want their one-liners. I’ll be working extra hard to make sure I deliver on this end.

MP: Anything else you’d like to tell fans?

SD: Just that a lot of hard work and planning is going in to this new series to make it something very special. I, like other comic fans, get frustrated at times when I read things like “groundbreaking” and “will have ramifications for years to come.” The goal at Arcana is to tell stories
that are just great stories. Stories that make a difference, not just in the characters’ lives, but in readers as a well. We want to inspire the next generation of writers, the way we ourselves were inspired in our
youths. That’s why us writers write at all. It’s our job to create the universe, but it’s up to the fans to keep it alive.