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Arcana Comics Newsletter July 2007

Sunday, July 1st, 2007

Welcome back for another Arcana Comics update. This is our first going out as an email so a big welcome goes out to all of our new friends. For those not familiar with us, we are Canada’s largest comic book publisher and the home of such comic books as Kade, Ezra, 100 Girls, and Dragon’s Lair. So with the introductions out of the way, let’s kick things off.

GearHead Goes Hollywood! 


Arcana is pleased to announce their comic book series, GearHead has been optioned by Darius Films.

Created by Dennis Hopeless and Kevin Mellon, GearHead tells the tale of Shelby Cooper, a teenage girl who lives in a world of spandex politicians and electric cars. However, she’s more into big gas-guzzling hot rods than spandex clad muscle heads. That is until she finds out her dad died fighting alongside those heroes. Soon she sets off on a cross country road trip that leads from the race tracks to the White House in search of answers. She’s the ultimate bad ass, a hot chick with a hotrod. She drives fast, talks trash, and hurts people with a big-ass wrench. She is GearHead!

Darius Films is a leading Toronto-based film and television production company. Since their inception in 1996, they have produced over a dozen films; working in every genre, style, and budget range. They are committed to the highest standards of excellence. Their films have screened at international festivals, won awards, and earned critical praise. They have also been sold theatrically, released on video and DVD, and have been licensed to television around the world.

San Diego Comic Con  

Arcana Comics will be at the San Diego Comic Con this coming July 26th through 29th. The convention will be held at the San Diego Convention Center and Arcana will be on hand selling the brand new, War of the Independents Pin-up book. This book features new artwork from some of the top creators around and features a brand-new Kade and Ezra piece by Greg Horn!

Clockwork Girl Is All Ages 

Arcana’s latest and soon to be hit series, Clockwork Girl, is going to be aimed at an all ages demographic. The book features lesson plans for children and is offered at the introductory price of 25 cents! This special zero issue (Diamond Code: MAY07 3189) is in stores this July! 

Kade: Sun of Perdition #4 In Stores Now! 


Kade: Sun of Perdition #4 (Diamond Code: DEC06 3296), Arcana’s most stunning comic to date is in stores now. This issue commemorates an end of an era for Arcana, as Ezra, the rogue mercenary for hire, meets her end in an epic battle against the Fallen. To celebrate the event, Arcana released 3 covers featuring artwork by Stjepan (Darkness Wolverine, Witchblade) Sejic, Ashley (Hellspawn, Metal Gear Solid) Wood, and the legendary Mike (Green Arrow, Jon Sable) Grell!  

Comic Shop Report 

The Koni Waves/Demonslayer oneshot (Diamond Code: APR07 3380) arrived in stores in June and the retailer incentive cover is already creating a stir in comic shops. Featuring art by series writer/co-creator Mark Poulton, the cover was given to retailers as an incentive for ordering multiple copies of the Koni Waves: First Wave tpb (Diamond Code: APR07 3381), which is in stores now! With a limited print run, reports have come in that the Koni Waves/Demonslayer retailer incentive has already been going for $15 at Midtown Comics located in the heart of Manhattan, New York.

Philly The Webcomic! 


Arcana’s Philly has been making big waves at Drunk Duck, the webcomic community! Created by Ryan McLelland, Philly tells the tale of a superhero team called “The Trio” fighting the good fight in Philadelphia. Along with a vigilante and a hard-nosed detective, Brick, Quik, and Firestarter work hard to rid the streets of villains, crime, and whatever else may lurk.

The webcomic is updated 2-3 times a week and can be viewed at:

This Month In Previews 

This month is Previews the following Arcana Comics titles are available for pre-order:

Clockwork Girl #1 (of 4) by O’Reilly, Hanna, and Bond – A nameless robot girl has recently been given the gift of life from her creator. While exploring the wonders of an ordinary world, she meets an amazing mutant boy and they share a friendship that must overcome their warring families. Arcana’s Sean O’Reilly and Disney’s Kevin Hanna have created a wonderful fairy tale, beautifully illustrated by Revere’s Grant Bond. Perfect for readers of all ages! 32 pgs, FC $.99 Diamond Code: JUL07 3275

Banzai Girls #3 by Jinky Coronado – This is the big one… there’s an event that will shake the girls right to their foundations! All this plus bonus photo and art features, too! Never have schoolgirl adventures been this much fun! 32 pgs, FC $3.95 Diamond Code: JUL07 3276

Well, that’s all for this month. Remember, for the latest Arcana Comics news visit!